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LGBTQIA Network of the Year

It’s essential that LGBTQIA employees are made to feel as valued and welcome as any other staff members, and LGBTQIA company networks can play a huge part in making this happen. This award goes to the network whose activities over the past 12 months have delivered tangible results in working towards this important goal.


Diversity Champion of the Year

This award is given to a person whose work or activism over the past year has helped set the agenda in the promotion of LGBTQIA equality, diversity and inclusion. 


Corporate Ally of the Year

This award is presented to a business leader who leverages their influence to help provide a safe and welcoming workplace to their LGBTQIA staff and actively supports the LGBTQIA community.


Brand or Organisation of the Year

When a well-known brand or company flies the flag for LGBTQIA equality and acceptance, people really sit up and notice. Help give your fave a slap on the back and a big Team DIVA-shaped thank you.


Inspirational Role Model of the Year

This accolade is given to someone whose commitment to furthering equality and diversity for LGBTQIA women and non-binary people is a prime example for others to follow.


Head of Diversity of the Year

A company's Head of Diversity is the lynchpin of their organisation's D&I policy, setting the standards for others to follow. This award is given to the HoD who has demonstrated excellence and commitment to our amazing community over the past year.


Young Entrepreneur of the Year

This award recognises a young person who uses their network and platform to empower others and make significant change, whether that’s through campaigning online or through their business approach.



Charity or Community Project

The organisations nominated in this category play an essential part in the support of LGBTQIA women and non binary across the country. This award rewards the stand - out charity or community project from the past year.


Celebrity Ally of the Year

We’re better together. Having people who don’t identify as LGBTQIA on our side – and whose words and deeds demonstrate their solidarity – is a wonderful thing. Who do you think deserves this coveted accolade?


Unsung Hero of the Year

There are countless people in our community whose great work goes unnoticed and under appreciated. Not any more! Choose the unsung hero you think deserves to be recognised for championing the LGBTQIA community, at a grassroots level or on a global scale. 


Media Moment of the Year

Mainstream TV and radio often present LGBTQIA-focused features and storylines, helping to tell our stories to people who otherwise might never come across the issues we face. If any of these media moments stand out to you, now’s the time to let us know.


Musician of the Year

This award is given to a singer-songwriter of any genre whose live performances, record or video releases within the past year have won critical acclaim from the DIVA audience.


Media Personality of the Year

What we see and hear in the media is becoming increasingly influential in our “always on” digital age. The winner of this award will have used their platform to further the values of LGBTQIA inclusivity.


Actor of the Year

Presented to an outstanding LGBTQIA actor or any actor who has positively impacted LGBQTIA representation in the past year. Nominees must have had at least one credited role in the last 12 months: TV, film, streaming service, theatre, web, TV or radio all included.


Sports Personality of the Year

Awarded to an LGBTQIA sports person whose achievements have helped promote equality and inclusion on and off the field.


Author of the Year

The pen is mightier than the sword! Choose the LGBTQIA journalist, author or writer whose work you admire most. Sadly, Team DIVA journalists aren’t eligible!


Influencer of the Year

Twitter, YouTube or Instagram… the stars of social media are central to the lives of millions of LGBTQIA people. Cast your vote for your favourite, folks. 

LGBTQIA Scene event of the year

Spaces for LGBTQIA women and non-binary people are few and far between, so club nights and WLW events make a massive difference to our lives. Let us know the events that you've enjoyed...



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